History of the PIP program

The Foundation P.I.P (Puppet Interview Program) was founded in 2011 in Kisumu, Kenya to fill the gap for the practitioner by providing the PIP methodology focused on the well-being of the child and its family at large.

The founder, who has had a family counselling career that spanned thirty years in the Netherlands came to Kenya and volunteered her services with a street-connected children’s organization based in Kisumu. Her observations during this period made it clear to her that most street-connected organizations only provide the child with basic needs, like food, medical care, informal schooling and basic counselling. She further realized that most of these children have undergone traumatic life experiences that makes them run from home and end up in the streets. Once on the streets, these children frequently have to fend for themselves in an unsafe and often criminally charged environment, which leaves them with even more emotional scars.

The main goal of the street-connected organizations is to reintegrate the child back into the community reunited with their family. However, many of the practitioners are faced with challenges of children’s relapse back into the streets as a result of unresolved issues at home.

I was so moved that I wanted to help these children to be recognized in their struggles to overcome their problems and regain a better life.

It has become my mission to reintegrate some of them into their families using a methodology that PIP  has developed as a preventive and curative measure for practitioners to help and guide the children and their families in finding solutions for their problems.

PIP Foundation –  Netherlands Board

Director: Charlotte Kolff

Chairman: Foeke Kolff

Treasurer: Julia Blauwkuip

Secretary: Anne Noordzij

PIP Foundation –Kenyan Board

Chairman: Apollo Athiambo

Treasurer: Sarah Vijzelman

Secretary: Alex Mbogo